In today’s world, social media is critical. People are using social media more than ever to find new products and services, even as it’s constantly evolving.Unfortunately, for some companies, customers are adapting much quicker to social media changes than they are. As such, it’s easy to see how companies all over the world suffer from blunders and missteps with their social media marketing campaigns.

1) Do Your Research:

Companies targeting the younger generation are always looking to find cool visuals to use in their social marketing strategies. Everyone is attracted to good
visuals, but it should be relevant to generate leads.Always do your research when posting images, quotes or anything else that may be something other than what it
appears to be.

2) Be careful in Automation:

There are many elements of social media that can be automated. Many programs help you manage liking, responding, commenting and posting. However, automating everything has some drawbacks. There’s probably a joke about robots taking over the world in here somewhere, but we’ll let the real-world examples speak for themselves.

3) Don’t Force Connections to respond to Current Events:

Plenty of people use social media to keep up with current events and post their thoughts about those events. As such, there are plenty of companies trying to do
the same as a way to connect with potential customers. Unsurprisingly, many of these attempts fall flat. Even worse, some of these attempts are downright

4) Use Trending Hashtags Appropriately:

It’s pretty common knowledge that using trending hashtags is a great way to gain more exposure to the people monitoring those hashtags. They are trending for a reason, and a good social media team knows how to properly capitalize on the trends. Of course, as you’ve seen above, there are also plenty of ways to mess it up.

5) Be Smart and Responsible:

In the hands of a social media-savvy employee, your social media accounts can be incredibly powerful. However, they can also be the cause of your downfall. As you
create and run social media marketing campaigns, be smart and responsible. It’s okay to take longer to create a reliable campaign if it means you avoid social media fails. Remember, the internet always remembers, even if your customers don’t.